About Us

Our company bases its values off of the importance of family and integrity.

Having owned and sold a successful IT company, Michael and his wife Jennifer began investing in real estate in 2013. David owned and sold a successful online resale company in 2014 and began investing in real estate with his wife Erica when they moved to Texas in 2015.

Combined, the couples have bought, sold, rehabbed, built, rented and or financed over 350 houses in DFW and surrounding areas. They currently own more than 75 rental houses.

Meet the Team

David and Erica Green
David and Erica Green

Having known each other since they were kids, David and Erica were both born and raised in Minnesota, then moved to Texas in 2015 (they got here as fast as they could!).

David worked for large and small financial services companies for over 15 years managing bank branches and as well as inbound and outbound sales teams.

Erica worked for a large financial services company for nearly 20 years leading teams in strategic insights and marketing. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Business Management and became a licensed real estate agent in 2018, specializing in property management.

They have been married for 20 years and have three kids.

Michael and Jennifer White
Michael and Jennifer White

Born and raised in west Texas, Michael and Jennifer did not actually meet until they both lived on the east side of Dallas.

While Michael ran his IT company, Jennifer worked hard at getting her bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M Commerce to become an elementary teacher. In 2011, Michael decided to follow his real passion, real estate. After helping Michael with a fix & flip, Jennifer decided her real desire was also in real estate. She got her real estate license in 2015 and obtained her brokerage license in 2019.

Michael and Jennifer have always had a passion to help people. They have participated and even co-mentored in different (and well known) real estate programs. This allowed them to meet and help people from all over the U.S. be more successful in their own real estate business.

They still live east of Dallas and have 2 kids.